New technologies

Innovations and new technologies

We are fascinated by new technologies. Thanks to the experience of the whole team, we create product and process innovations in various industries, providing IT systems and platforms, multimedia programs as well as mobile applications and games.

Product and process innovations

We develop innovative IT solutions for various industries, including the education, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and e-commerce industries.


We create IT products, including websites, information portals, mobile applications, IT systems and platforms. We specialize in the production of games for a variety of non-standard media devices.


We implement the principle of creating a “Minimum Value Product”, thanks to which it is possible to verify business assumptions without incurring excessive expenses and time.


We implement projects taking into account various devices used by the recipients: computers, mobile phones, interactive floors, large format touch screens, interactive whiteboards.

Selected portofolio 2011-2021

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