“Maths in Use”


“Maths in Use” is a three-part multimedia educational product for primary schools, intended for learning mathematics and natural science subjects in early childhood education. It contains a package of exercises, interactions, games and videos for quick and effective use during school activities. The program includes three parts, corresponding to the thematic scope of grades 1-3 – the whole is adapted to the core curriculum and enables work with students with special educational needs. Program was created for “Eduexpert” publishing house.

  • The program supports the teacher in transferring knowledge, inspiring and broadening the horizons of students.
  • “Maths in Use” was created in cooperation with experts from the education industry, thanks to which it is adapted to the realities of the Polish school and curriculum requirements.
  • The program includes a didactic enclosure, hence work cards, scenarios of classes and games, a teaching program – so that the teacher has access to high quality full teaching aid.
  • “Maths in use” is adapted to the class space – it can be used on an interactive whiteboard, touching screens, computer and tablet. In addition, in the case of low bandwidth Internet network – you can freely use the program offline after downloading to the disk.

The multimedia program “Maths in Use” convinced schools and teachers. The program is characterized by a new approach to the so-called “gamification” and inspires students to seek answers to the questions that bother them.

The product was nominated for the international London Book Fair 2017 award.

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